Ufology Unplugged (video)- Barry Downing: The Bible & Flying Saucers

This B. H. Downing UFO interview was done in a film format with fabulous visuals. Don’t miss this one!

In the third episode of Ufology Unplugged, filmmaker Paul Kimball presents an interview he conducted with Rev. Barry Downing in 2001. Downing is best known as the author of The Bible and Flying Saucers, one of the earliest and most influential works in the “ancient aliens” ouevre. In this interview he discusses his work and his theories, particularly the idea that the stories of the Bible may not be supernatural in nature but rather may represent tales of human contact with advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. (c) 2014 Winter Light Productions, Inc.

Ancient Aliens: (video)Barry talks about Moses and The Ark of the Covenant

Barry has appeared numerous times as a guest expert on “Ancient Aliens.”

Here is a short segment featuring Barry Downing that talks about Moses and The Ark of the Covenant and whether there might be a connection to Ancient Aliens.


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Lee Speigel from the Edge of Reality interviews Barry Downing. (audio)

This is Lee Speigel’s Podcast Edge of Reality with Lee Speigel in his August 15th, 2019 episode in which he interviews Barry H Downing.

On this week's "Edge of Reality Radio," Lee Speigel will present the Rev. Dr. Barry Downing, a retired New York State Presbyterian minister, who wrote a groundbreaking book in 1968, "The Bible and Flying Saucers," with a follow-up 2017 book, "Biblical UFO Revelations." For more than 50 years, Downing has suggested how the UFO phenomenon was responsible for many events in the Bible. Downing will discuss his belief, and cite many examples, of how the angels of the Bible were, quite likely, extraterrestrials.